Caroline Suinner is a free artist & activist, and also Art Director and Co-Founder of Ruskeat Tytöt Media, an institutionally nonaligned, politically and religiously independent, non-profit organization for Brown People by Brown People.

Their vision for Finland is a more inclusive and norm-critical culture and media field, worklife and society that does not discriminate based on ethnic background, looks, nationality, cultural heritage, disability, gender or sexuality.

Their mission is to broaden representations in the field of culture – especially media, literature, communications and advertising -, to normalize stories told about them and by them, and to function as a platform for cultural professionals of color to realize their creative and meaningful projects.

Erkki Tuomioja is a Member of the Finnish SDP party, with an PhD in political science.  Has acted as Minister of Trade and Industry and Minister for Foreign Affairs. Is also the chairperson for Historians without Borders.

Iiris Suomela is the youngest Finnish politician and deputy chairman of the Tampere City Council. In Parliament, she works particularly on economic and EU issues. In addition, equality and human rights themes are close to Iiris’ heart.

Virva Viljanen is a youth participation specialist at the Finnish National Youth Council Allianssi. Viljanen holds a master’s degree in social sciences and she is specialized in engaging young people in decision-making, democracy education and tackling inequalities.

Matthias Wahlström is a docent in sociology at Gothenburg University where he defended his doctoral thesis in 2011 about the way the police tackle demonstrations in Sweden and Denmark. His main research areas are social movements and political protests. He has been a co-writer in the book Pride Parades and LGBT movements that was published in 2018 (Routledge).

Now he is leading research projects about the visions of the climate movement, rightwing radical milieus on social media and how Swedish authorities tackle violent radicalization. The last year he has been following the Fridays for Future -campaign and coordinated international polls among the participants in the demonstrations.

Civil society organizations (SV/FI)


 A workshop based on the Seeds of Good Anthropocenes project.

Seeds are small-scale isolated projects that have the potential to create more sustainable futures.

After a brief introduction to the research project, example seeds and theoretical background we select particular seeds and use a methodology inspired by backcasting to envision what these seeds could mature into before then assessing what needs to change, what conflicts may occur and what are the enabling conditions to help create these sustainable futures.


Centre for Environment and Development Studies (CEMUS), Uppsala University, Sweden

② Re-designing the Green New Deal

80% of European legislation comes from the European Commission. This is a unique window of opportunity to have have tangible input into the direction of EU environmental legislation for the next 30 years.

We use futures methodologies (e.g. futures wheels) to envision a green new deal for Europe. Questions and topics go beyond those normally discussed in the current form of the Green Deal and what is the role of economic growth? Corporate accountability? Biodiversity and ecosystems? Indigenous rights?


Centre for Environment and Development Studies (CEMUS), Uppsala University, Sweden 

③ Mapping the future we want

The aim of the workshop is to encourage participants to take an active role in mapping the futures of the Helsinki and Stockholm regions through a collaborative creative process.

Participants can come and go as they wish and contribute for as long or as little as they want. The result will be a rich picture/map of the two cities.


Creative Sustainability Masters Programme, Aalto University

④ Workshop: Psychology of Marketing

Do you want to learn the basics of psychology of marketing, and make your own anti-commercial?

Welcome to Pro-Ethical Trade Finland’s 75 minute long workshop! Together we will learn a critical perspective on analyzing different advertisements, and discuss about the commercial impacts on us for example in social media.



Eetti - Pro Ethical Trade

⑤ Workshop: From Futures to Presents - What is my role?

Often times in civil society we are encouraged to work towards shaping the future, in particular if we work with sustainability challenges. Working towards visions and ideas of sustainable futures greatly shape our approaches of engagement today, concurrently aiding and hindering us.

This workshop unpicks our relationships with the future and brings us back to the present to study our values, our strengths and our goals. It is a reflective activity meant to support the work of civil society actors. This workshop takes inspiration from the work of Ojala, on "critical hope", Facer, on "Storytelling", and the Manoa Method. It draws upon critical project management techniques such as "ecopreneurship", the "Sweet Spot" and creative innovation processes.


Centre for Environment and Development Studies (CEMUS), Uppsala University, Sweden

⑥ Gamification as a tool to promote Europe

Gamification is an increasing trend in the education sector. How can a mobile game be used to teach students about the European Union in a fun and engaging way? 

Welcome to participate in a game development process and provide your input what young students will learn about Europe. Participants can come and go freely to voice their ideas and play with us. Come chat with us as long or as little as you wish!


European Youth Parliament Finland - EYP Finland ry & Youth Academy

All activities will be published 14.3.2020, stay tuned!

Practical information

Practical information

Partners & funding

& funding

The Swedish-Finnish cultural foundation and Hanaholmen – the Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre arranges the programme together with a steering group consisting of young people from Sweden and Finland.

Join us!

Pre-registrations have ended, but you can sign up to the reserve/waiting-list in case a spot opens up.
Note that participation requires participation during the whole programme and active involvement. Also Finnish participants are expected to sleep at Hotel Hanaholmen April 14th-15th.